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For Men

Many men are upset when they unexpectedly learn their girlfriend is pregnant. They feel a need to "solve the problem".  Here are some common questions men have:

1. Do I have any say in whether my baby is aborted?

You have no legal rights when it comes to your baby being aborted. It is the mother's decision alone. You can not force her to either go through the procedure or for her not to.  

2. Can a DNA "Paternity Test" really prove I'm the father?

Yes, blood and DNA test can prove you are the father with nearly 100% accuracy. Blood is drawn from both parents and the child after birth to see if the DNA matches both parents.

3. Who decides if the "Paternity Test" is done?

A "paternity action" can be filed in court to have you declared the father of the child. This can be done by either you or the mother. If it is proved you are the father, the court will normally order you to pay child support and grant you custody or visitation rights.

4. Do I have to marry her?

Marrying just for the baby is not a good enough reason. If you planned to marry before she got pregnant you may want to move up the date. If you can not see yourself spending the rest of your life with her, you may want to think twice.  Marriage is hard enough when you are in love and planned for a life together. This may not be the time to add more stress to your lives.